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Corporate Marketing and Training Video Production can take on many shapes and forms. Training videos, in particular, are an easy and cost effective way to train a large and diverse group of employees on the newest and latest products or services. What is the latest product your company is rolling out? What do they need to know in order to operate or sell it?

A professional training video by our creative team will be able to communicate the most important points to remember in a visually stimulating and compelling way. Another great benefit to a training video is that the geographical location of your employees will be irrelevant. Thanks to availability of video on the web as well as the wide availability for DVD media, you will be able to train everyone on the proper rules and protocols without paying to fly them all in for a training on site. Training videos also make training less time consuming as your employees will be able to view the videos on their own time and pace.

Some important keys to remember in corporate training videos are to keep your overall message short and concise. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewer with too much detail too quickly. Our video producers will be able to help you hone your message down to the most important points so that each video targets one specific issue. This is especially important for training videos designed for the web as the general rule of thumb is to keep all web content to around 3 – 5 minutes.

Another key to remember is that the video needs to be broken down into easy digestible steps. If your video is about the proper way to handle a certain piece of equipment, for example, it should show the audience (visually) each step along the way. The last key to remember is that quality does matter to your audience – even if that audience is your paid employees! If a training video isn’t produced well, your audience will lose interest and you will not be able to hold their attention. Lighting, audio, and camera techniques all go a long way in communicating a message effectively and will keep your audience engaged. This includes selecting appropriate on screen talent (for the material being presented) and making sure they are properly coached and directed during the shoot.

Finally editing the material correctly can really make or break your marketing or training video as that is where we can bring all the points together into a precise, compelling and informative piece.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production