Marketing video production

Our drone services for aerial photography will add a whole new dimension to your aerial photography & videography needs at a reasonable price.  Our video crew specializes in using its state-of-the-art drones to capture and deliver gorgeous aerial photos and video. And, our drone services are tailored to fit every client’s needs. So whether you’re interested in aerial photos and videos for documentation reasons, marketing or media communications, our experienced photography and videography team can help you accomplish your goals.

The most important step to make before you even decide to touch a camera is to work out exactly what your goals for the video are. No matter the size of the job the production team will need a plan, a larger picture, and a sense of what exactly it is that you want people to get out of your video. Whether it is a straightforward teaching video or an interview, or something as involved as a commercial or motion picture, there needs to be a main objective. If you lack this initial vision, it is worth your time to find it, because it acts as your guide through the whole video production process

Think hard about what you want people to be seeing and hearing in the video, and how this may affect the way you film it. For example, if you wanted to film an ad showing off a new cleaning product, you may imagine that you would need an actor testing it in a home.

Figuring out a timeline is extremely important to do before filming so that you can make the most of your time and budget. Try to organize filming locations that are near each other on the same day so that you don’t lose time travelling. For smaller jobs make sure that if you need to book a room out that you have done so, and plan where and when you will film. Prepare the area beforehand, else you risk turning a small job into a lengthy one. Create call sheets and distribute them to the crew so that everyone has a detailed itinerary of where to be and when, because this will ensure that all of your equipment and locations are ready to go and can be used exactly when needed.

Our production team will let you know if your ideas are possible, they will help you conduct and proceed with your research and development.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

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