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Corporate Video Newsletter

Need to keep employees informed about what’s happening in your company. Chances are you already have an online social media or printed newsletter. Now, it’s easy to create a video newsletter. Below, in this example, the CEO of The News Group, greets employees in a more personable way by putting the monthly newsletter into a video.

Since your intended audience is the only reason to make a marketing video, it’s quite important to define the target audience including their concerns, goals and aspirations. Then list a few main benefits – show how your company or product can solve their problems, save money, or improve their lives. Every element in the video must build on these benefits to your audience rather than merely describing the features of a product or service.

Have several positions open at your company? You may want a video to get the word out about these opportunities. Consider how likely people are to share videos and how much information you can convey. Video helps you elicit emotion which can be a key element in encouraging someone to consider the job or to send the video to a friend who may be a perfect fit for the position.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
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