Start with a script before you shoot anything!


Creating video content for your business? Video is a great asset to integrate into any marketing effort, whether it was intended as such by marketers. To be effective, a video must appeal to your target audience, keep viewers engaged, and communicate your brand’s key messages. For this reason, marketers should be able to produce effective videos by starting with a compelling script.

Although marketers did not set out to make movies, video is a valuable asset to add to any marketing campaign. The right video, however, is critical. To entice your target audience, keep them engaged, and effectively communicate your brand’s key messages, you must create a video that speaks to them. Because of this, marketers must know how to write a good script to serve as a foundation for video production.

When it comes to videos, the script isn’t just about what’s being said on camera or in the narration. You need to include both the visual and audio elements in your script to show how the two work together to tell a complete story.

An outline prior to composing can guarantee that your script contains only the necessary information. An outline will help you stick to the subject while discussing the most significant aspects.

It’s crucial to keep the video concise by eliminating unnecessary dialogue or information. Although the video should maintain its personality, it should not be overloaded with superfluous material. Prior to recording, you should eliminate any unimportant information or dialogue.

An outline can help you keep focused on the main subject matter when writing your script if you create one beforehand.

st louis studio production.  CEO delivers a well written script while filming with teleprompter.
st louis studio production. CEO delivers a well written script while filming with teleprompter.

Create a short attention-grabbing hook.

A video’s first 15 seconds should intrigue the audience enough that they want to see more. Even though the video is brief, this section is crucial in determining whether the audience should stay and watch or move on.

A hook should grasp a reader’s attention within the first 15 seconds of a video in order to hook them and keep them interested. Although short, this section is critical because it enables the viewer to decide whether to continue watching the video or to seek out something else.

Talent on camera with teleprompter
Talent on camera with teleprompter

Create a call to action (CTA).

Make sure to use clear and straightforward language so that they can follow the instructions correctly.

It’s critical for your video script to include a clear call to action. You must make it evident what you want the viewer to do or where you want them to go next. The CTA should inspire them to act on the information they just saw. You should ask them to purchase something, download a resource, start a free trial, or follow your YouTube channel, for example.

It’s important to write in a straightforward and clear manner so that people know exactly what to do next.

Call us today, we can help you start an outline for your script or we can write it ourselves with you in person or over the phone.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
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