Having a video for your business is a great way to reach new people, explain your brand, promote an offer, and get your message out.

What is a Video Marketing Strategy?
A video marketing strategy is the overarching plan you will use to create, distribute and measure the success of video content within your business. A video marketing strategy is important because it will guide you through the entire process of creating video content, which can be very challenging. It will help you understand what type of videos you should create, who your target audience is, what your goals are, how you will distribute your video and so much more. With a video marketing strategy, you will be able to create better, more effective video content that will result in more views, more leads and ultimately a higher return on investment (ROI). Video marketing is trending upwards, showing that it is one of the most effective ways to boost your business and gain new customers.

Defining Your Video Marketing Strategy
To define your video marketing strategy, you first need to understand your video goals. Video marketing goals can vary greatly depending on the type of video content you create, who your target audience is, and the purpose of the video. All of these factors will impact the goals you set for your video content. If your primary goal for creating video content is to increase brand awareness, for instance, you would likely create a different type of video from someone who is hoping to increase sales leads. Understanding your video goals will also help you determine the type of video you want to create. If you want to boost brand awareness, you might consider creating a company overview video or product introduction video. If you want to increase sales leads, you might want to create a how-to video (or series) that teaches a specific skill or how-to.

Why is Video Marketing Important for Small Businesses?
Video is the ultimate shortcut to human connection, and in the age of social media and digital communication, it has arguably become the most effective way to reach your target audience. People are visual beings, and studies have shown that humans process visual content up to 60,000 times faster than plain text. Video content has the potential to take your brand’s message to a whole new level of connectivity, which is why it is so important for small businesses. When done correctly, video content can help you build trust with potential customers, strengthen relationships with current customers, increase website traffic, and drive more sales. All of these factors speak to the importance of video marketing for small businesses.

Types of Videos for Small Businesses
There are many types of videos for small businesses, which you can use to attract new customers, build trust and increase sales. The type of video you create will depend on your video marketing goals and the type of brand you want to portray. Some of the most popular types of videos for small businesses include: – Company Overview – This type of video provides a general overview of your company and what you do. It is a great way to introduce your brand to new customers, and it often includes branding or logo visuals. – Product/Services Introduction – This type of video provides an introduction to the products or services you offer. It is a great way to introduce products to new customers and explain how they can be used. – How-To – A how-to video is a great way to educate your audience on a specific skill or how-to (e.g., how to use a product, how to perform a particular task). – Brand Story – A brand story video is a great way to share your company’s story, express your company culture, and connect with customers on a more personal level.

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Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
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