Mike Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Production

Mike Haller, Video Producer operating a camera shooting a food commercial
Mike Haller, Video Producer operating a camera and shooting a food commercial

Video production equipment & full-service studio.

Our team can help you create everything from a solo run-and-gun shoot to a large team production. We have the right people, equipment, and studio space to help you realize your creative vision.

We have our own studio and a truckload of our own equipment for remote shooting. That’s why we can fulfill our client’s requirements quickly and extensively integrate video and photography into our creative firm’s service offerings.

Our studio is perfect for shooting stills or recording videos for products, actors, or heads-down scenes. We can accommodate a wide range of setups, from simple table setups to full-extension jib shots. Green screens and teleprompters are available as standard configurations.

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