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St Louis Video Production Company is a professional Aerial Photography and Video Production firm creating unique digital media for a wide array of clients. We fly remote controlled Multi-rotor systems for a new type of creative aerial media that few have seen. This is a perspective that will captivate and amaze your audience! The camera can now fly up close and personal and we can offer you that “impossible” point of view.

Our Aerial Video Drones and Photography Drones are just what you need to add that extra touch to your film production or magazine spread.  We are able to get you the highest resolution and dpi you need for you project. If you are not into media marketing we have a full fleet that caters to the industrial and  agricultural world. Our ability to get the image you need is one of our passions and we want to bring our passion to you.

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video Production drone services
St Louis Aerial Photography and Video Production drone services

Drone Video Production & How it Can Transform Your Business.

Video production may be a part of modern business, but it has always been limited by the equipment that is available. From traditional cameras to the latest technology of drone video production, this innovative tool can be used to capture unique visual stories from a range of perspectives and angles.

Whether you are shooting footage for marketing purposes, capturing corporate events or creating an engaging video project, drone video production is an ideal choice for anyone looking to expand their visual capabilities. Not only will these unmanned aerial vehicles provide 360 degree views of your subject/location, they open up many possibilities as they take flight above and below ground level. As such, they are a great way to add an extra layer of creativity and flair to your projects.

Drone video production gives you the opportunity to capture powerful images at sea, in the sky and on land with professional results that would otherwise be out of reach with existing technologies such as web cams and smartphones. This makes for far more dynamic content than trying to use weaker optical means. You will also be able to deliver footage quicker than most other means due to their small size and one-man operators; meaning no need for bulky camera crews or large rigs with multiple setup points!

Benefits of Drone Video Production

Drones have revolutionized the video production industry and are quickly becoming a core part of many marketing campaigns and business strategies. Drone capture devices, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), provide an innovative way to capture footage from high up in the air that could previously only be obtained by hiring expensive helicopters or workers in hot-air balloons. In addition to the obvious financial savings, using drones also significantly reduces the risk associated with capturing aerial shots while providing clear, stable images.

Using drone video production can offer businesses a wide range of benefits such as increasing safety for workers and individuals, reducing costs significantly and boosting creativity by offering unique perspectives from which filmmakers can capture footage that wouldn’t normally be possible from ground-level cameras. Furthermore, businesses don’t need to worry about permits or restrictions for low altitude filming because these small UAVs typically fly under 400 feet and their operations remain largely unregulated within most countries at this altitude.

In addition to cost savings and increased safety, drones also offer unique angles when it comes to shooting video content. From panoramas of outdoor scenes such as natural landscapes to capturing sporting events from never-before-seen angles – all without needing to arrange expensive helicopter shoots – drones give marketing teams a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating stunning visuals. Finally, UAVs allow businesses easier access into areas that would otherwise be impossible or impractical for conventional cameras – offering new vantage points of rooftops, inaccessible archaeological sites and monuments otherwise off limits.

Types of Drone Video Production

In recent years, drone video production services have become accessible to professionals and businesses of all sizes. Depending on its intended purpose and audience, each project requires a unique combination of camera movements, aerial shots, and various equipment. By having a better understanding of the various types of drone video production services available, you can effectively plan for what will work best for your business’s needs.

Aerial filming is an especially effective tool for movie productions and event recordings where a bird’s-eye view is critical to telling the story or creating an atmosphere. This type of shooting relies on creative flights that move in three axes (up-down x/y axis, tilt/roll axis, panning n/s axis) while tracking specific objects or moving shots through transitions like reveals, orbits, or avenues. The resulting shot could be anything from above-ground landscapes showing rolling mountains to intricate fly-through paths in tight corners between buildings or into doorways.

Drone cinematography often involves stable shots such as establishing views and may include tracking movements of people and props in an environment such as with follow cams. Cinematic cameras may be used to create more custom perspectives such as low angles that can’t easily be achieved using ground cameras alone. Other unique perspectives include audio translations from afar by using shotgun mics mounted onto drones for audio capture – allowing sound mixing engineers more ways to take advantage of both ambient and props sounds in their scenes that weren’t possible before!

Industrial surveying includes inspections of various structures from bridges to wind turbines – inspecting some parts without having aerially deployable tools like specialized infrared cameras located at specific angles becomes increasingly difficult without the agility provided by drone technology. Security surveillance is another application which can benefit from being able to keep large physical areas (such as ports) under watch via live aerial footage sent back in real time.

These are but a few examples of how drone videography can be used effectively to help businesses better serve their customers while gathering valuable insights into their operations processes progressions or environments they operate within– all while maintaining first class safety records throughout their operations activities!

Cost of Drone Video Production

The cost of drone video production can vary considerably depending on the complexity of the shoot, the length of shoot time, and the expertise of the crew. As with any production, choosing an experienced pilot-camera operator to capture your footage is essential for top-notch results. Professional drone video crews usually include a minimum of two well-equipped individuals—a highly skilled technician called a remote-sensing scientist or aviator and a camera operator who also acts as drone navigator.

For basic footage suitable for web use or simple educational projects, you can expect to pay around $500 per day for locally sourced crew and equipment. Rates might be higher if your shoot requires specialized skills or takes place outside the local region. Commercially licensed vendors often have fully insured fleet packages that may help reduce individual costs—these packages offer access to preferred vendors with bundles that include equipment and setup options, insurance coverage, and may also include discounts on ready-made solutions.

For more complex aerial production needs that require special skills such as photogrammetry or creative shooting techniques like tracking shots, rates can range from $1000 to over $4000 per day depending on region, project complexity and additional services requested. For professional media companies, custom drone solutions may be available where you pay one flat fee for all rights to use the footage however you see fit in perpetuity—this type of agreement often includes extras like editing services, sound design & music composition for your project even after filming is finished. Ultimately it will depend on what exactly you need from your project as well as what kind of budget you have allocated towards it when making pricing decisions about drone video production services.

Best Practices for Drone Video Production

When it comes to drone video production, following industry best practices is important for the creation of professional-grade content. Poorly-produced videos not only reflect poorly on your company’s image but may also be illegal. Therefore, here are some tips to keep in mind:

● Obtain specific permission to fly your drone in certain areas and double-check any legal requirements before doing so.

● Ensure that your drone is covered by insurance; this is especially important if you plan to fly it over personal or public property.

● Use the right type of camera for each shooting situation—the most common type is an awesome 4K camera with a three-axis gimbal stabilizer.

● Learn how to control the drone precisely and accurately; this includes understanding how its sensors work, as well as practicing hovering and navigation techniques before taking off.

● Maintain a safe distance from people, buildings, objects, or other aircraft when flying the drone; avoid flying too high or too close to potential hazards for safety reasons.

● Be aware of common filming techniques such as composing shots and controlling exposure/color settings for better results.

● When editing footage from drones remember that stabilization tools can be used to reduce motion blur and create smooth transitions between shots or within a single shot sequence.

● Carefully review all footage for potential copyright infringement issues before releasing it publicly.

How Drone Video Production Can Transform Your Business

Drone video production is an amazing tool that can open the door for new opportunities for businesses. Not only does it offer great aerial shots and visuals, but it also allows you to capture unique content that can be used in many different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the ways drone video production can transform your business.

Brand Awareness: Drone video production is a unique and engaging way to increase brand awareness. It provides businesses with the ability to show their products or services from a bird’s eye view and create memorable experiences for their customers. A drone’s eye view of a project site, event space, or store location gives customers an entirely different perspective that they will remember long after they’ve experienced the content.

Marketing: Having professional aerial videography at your disposal opens up an enormous range of creative marketing possibilities. Businesses can use aerial footage of their product launches, events, projects and more to increase exposure in outlets such as YouTube and other forms of social media platforms – helping them gain more exposure, recognition and even potential customers who come looking for more information about their business online (and who may convert into paying customers).

Safety: Drone video production also offers numerous safety advantages in certain industries such as construction or manufacturing when surveying hazardous areas or spaces where people are unable to physically enter due to safety risks or restrictions.

By leveraging drone video production services, businesses large and small now have access to powerful tools that help increase visibility, save time and money on marketing campaigns – ultimately impacting their bottom line in positive ways never before believed possible.

Challenges of Drone Video Production

Drone video production comes with unique challenges that are not typically associated with traditional media production. Although drones can provide amazing aerial perspectives, they come with several safety issues and logistical considerations that must be taken into account before filming begins.

One of the most pressing issues is obtaining the proper authorizations and permits needed for drone filming. The FAA has various regulations in place for drone video production, so it is important to research the local requirements and make sure all the applicable papers have been filed prior to shooting. Additionally, it is essential to use drones from a certified development agency (DAA) in order to ensure that all safety regulations are being adhered to and that liability risks are minimized.

The weather can also be a major factor in drone video production as windy conditions or rain could hamper an otherwise successful shoot. Special attention must be paid to wind speed and direction when planning aerial shots as gusts can cause vibration, low visibility or even bring down a drone if the operator is not experienced enough at maneuvering their device through such environments. It’s also important to stay aware of aircraft traffic over the area you’re filming in, especially around larger airports or military bases where rules surrounding airspace access may become more complex.

Finally, since there is no second take when shooting outdoors with a drone, shots must be planned out ahead of time and executed flawlessly on the first try — meaning accurate assessments regarding weather conditions, flight paths and wanted shot compositions must be made by experienced operators on site during each shoot day.


The power of drone video production to transform businesses and engage customers is clear. With the help of expert-level aerial videographers, businesses can capture stunning visuals in a fraction of the time and cost that traditional filmmaking methods require. Plus, the unique perspectives and cinematic capabilities of drones can create truly immersive experiences for viewers.

Whether you need a promotional video showcasing your product, or a portfolio-worthy tour of your property or facility, drone video production can provide an unprecedented level of quality to help you reach your target audience.

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