how to select a video production company

How to Choose a St Louis Video Production Company

Video is one of the fastest and quickest ways to introduce new products. Video provides the opportunity to present and demonstrate a product without a great amount of expense. Video also eliminates the need to bring interested clients to the product or taking the product to the clients.  A new product and a new market can be introduced entirely with the power of video production and the techniques involved.

Video may be the only way for some to introduce or to primarily sell their product. A good production company should be able to offer technical video advice that will help the product and company to achieve the task of advertising and marketing.

Being able to change or edit information days or even hours before a presentation is another advantage of video production. The quality of production, technical care and timely responsiveness to editing needs are all keys to a successful presentation.

Which St Louis Video Production Company Should I Choose?

Some questions to ask upon video production company selection:

  • Did the video production company provide a demo video?
  • Did you like the demo?
  • Does the production company have a list of clients?
  • Are they willing to show you this list?
  • Is the company able to provide client testimonials?
  • Were all of your questions answered?
  • Does the company understand your business and the image that you are looking to portray?
  • Do they offer special video formats, if needed?
  • Do you have a deadline? Can the video production company meet your needs before or by your deadline date?
  • Was the price offered for the services needed reasonable?
  • Experience is important. Does the company have enough experience to support your video needs?
  • Customer service is still number 1. Do you trust the contact person?
  • Do you feel that you can work comfortably with this person?

Why do I Need a St Louis Video Production Company?

A company could potentially save thousands of dollars in training costs and travel expenses by providing DVD’s.  An articulate, consistent, effective video training DVD could leave a highly visual idea or concept with the intended audience. Video production can be entertaining as well as educational, and can also help with non-linear learning.  The presentation may be in any language needed. Another advantage is that one video may be repeated an unlimited amount of times for several presentations to an unlimited amount of people in almost any place.

A short, strategic video clip can inform, excite and capture the attention of clients while presenting company products and services which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales. A production company would be able and willing to come to a designated location, such as a warehouse or the factory that may house the goods are products and capture the items for goods in their best form or light while being able to also point out all of the features and services that a company may have to offer. Features such as looping a video for continuous display at a trade show function, adding subtitles in various languages or even breaking down videos into smaller streaming clips for a company’s web site are all available through video production to make a company’s product really shine.

Money Saving Ideas for Your Company

Safety Demos/Education

Corporate Presentations


Training Videos

Employee information/updates

Recruitment Videos

Money Making Ideas for Your Company

Product Demo Video

Web Clips

Looping Videos (continuous play/display)

Marketing Videos

Video New Releases (VNR)

Fund-raising videos

What is the Value of your Video Production?

This is an investment….

Video production is not just a service or product; it is a direct investment for a business or company. Since the video IS an investment, one would want to hire the most qualified and experienced video production company available to fit your needs and budget.  This ensures a return on your investment, whether it is measured in cost savings or increased business.


Questions That the Production Company Should Ask You

Who will be viewing this video or who is your target audience?

What is the point of your video, or the message that you want to convey?

What is the purpose of your video?

What visual and/or graphical locations or aids do you want to be seen in the video?

Do we need to travel to a specific location or provide specific props?

What is the target length of the video, if any?

Who is your expert at your company on this information and may we speak to this person for advice regarding the information being used?

Who are what will be the main point or subject matter?

Who will be approving scripts and edits?

What is your deadline, if any and is there a specific reason for the deadline?

May we use pieces or elements of your video for our own needs or advertising?

What day do you want to start?

Typical Production Needs


Tape stock




Set design

Shooting days






St. Louis Video Production Company created a number of training and marketing tools for St. Louis Gravois Kiwanis.

St. Louis Photographers shot the photograph (above), the video (below) and a number of other still images for the Gravois Kiwanis Club and the Dream Factory of St. Louis.  The Dream Factory grants the dreams of critically and chronically ill children. Eighty-Eight (88%) percent of all the money raised in St Louis goes directly to granting dreams in the St Louis metro area.

Dry Eye International Task force guidelines – St. Louis Video Production Services

St. Louis Video Production Companies St. Louis, Missouri. 314-604-6544

Dr. Mulqueeny explains the dry eye guidelines – St. Louis Video Production Company

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