5 essentials for video production

5 Essentials of a Great Video Production

The online Video Revolution has arrived. Many videos are now homemade and work for their intended purpose. Some videos are for fun and leisure, but if you have a business, the intended purpose of your video may be to have a potential prospect or client to contact you or your business directly.

If you are considering internet or social media marketing, then you should consider at these 5 elements of a successful video: Creativity, Video Production Quality, Audio Quality, Graphics Quality and Sustainability

Creativity – It IS possible for the average person to make their own video production while saving money, but creativity and the investment in a creative production team may be the difference between a mediocre, yet, informative presentation and a top of the line, interesting video production. A creative production team may include a creative director, project manager, graphics designer, video editor, audio post producer and a producer. The creative director will bring all of these tasks together to express the look and feel of the video.

Video Production Quality – One of the most important elements when making a first impression is the Video Production Quality. The look and feel of the video should not only present the intended message clearly, but must appear as clear and professional as the intended message.  Advanced video technology can improve poor video quality with color adjustments, video restoration, lighting, background optimization and editing.

Audio Quality – Audio Quality is just as important as the visual aspects of the video. Audio editing programs may help to add equalization, reduce background noise and optimize volume. If provided with a video, the video production company should always begin the production process by reviewing all video provided. Ratings of the video should be based on level of energy, camera total, composition, and video and production quality. When shooting video these elements should be evaluated as soon as possible. There are some basic requirements for maximum audio quality for video: for digital video, the volume should be in the 15 to -6 range, peaking no more than -3.  Previous video technology using analogue was more forgiving towards oversaturation. Audio that is too loud will be distorted on digital video. The same volume characteristics apply if recording audio to video via an audio mixer. Adjust the volume level on the audio mixer to the same level as the video recorder. Background audio noise can run audio quality. Unused inputs may cause the mixing board to hum with electric buzzing, which creates more time and energy spent to editing efforts. Audio posting can minimize background noise, optimize volume and sound quality while emitting an even sound quality from several sources.

Graphics Quality – Again, a first impression is important. Poor graphics may be the interpreted poorly, which may subconsciously lead to a lack of interest by the viewer. When added to a video production, graphics will edify the overall quality as well as the reaction to the video by the viewer.

Sustainability – A video that will last over time and travel. In order to get the most out of your video investment, a professional video that may lead to sales or clients must be able to withstand viewing multiple times over an extended period time. A great video production company creates videos that are creative but also holds up over time.

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