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We often find ourselves fielding phone calls and setting up video crews all over St Louis for out of town producers and directors.  We start with asking all the basics about what is unique and necessary for each video production.  From there we can assess the strengths of each video crew member and make solid creative business decisions for the client.  We can field producers, directors, videographers, talent, assistants and video equipment as well.  We have a green screen production studio that is a full height cyclorama hard wall.

Having a concept art and storyboard will assist you with planning and visualizing your final scene if you’re shooting with a green screen. However, the primary goal is to figure out what’s real and what isn’t in your scene. It is crucial to determine what will be real and what will be added later during post-production. You want to know what will actually be in the scene as well as what will be added later during post-production. Consequently, you want to know what will be physically present on set as well as what will be added later during post-production. If your scene is especially complicated, with layers of green screen, a clear indication of everything will be required. You may need real props in some cases. In behind-the-scenes photographs, you’ll often find tennis balls hanging from the green screen set. These balls give the actors references points.

I have worked with Emerson Electric on a myriad of video projects over the years from their flow controls to their wonderful motors production to specific videos for the technology department.  They are truly a world class firm.  Above are some stills I shot and edited from a videotaping for the flow controls division in St Louis.  We have also shot a number of their products and projects in our green screen studio.

A green screen is a powerful tool for video production that can be used on location or in a studio.

Whether you’re creating a movie, a commercial, or another type of video production, using the best green screen technology that fits the project will help you achieve professional quality results.

Green screens are versatile and provide many benefits that allow for creative functions and professional results. This guide will cover the basics of green screens and outline the advantages of using a portable location and studio green screen for video productions. By understanding the benefits of investing in quality equipment you can make an informed decision about which green screen option best suits your needs and budget.

What is a Portable Location and Studio Green Screen?

A portable location and studio green screen are tools used in the production of multi-media content, typically video. They offer a clean, seamless backdrop that can be used to create realistic environments and settings for news reports, television programs, presentations and more. Green screens are versatile enough that they can be used with any type of video or lighting set-up and their portability makes them the ideal choice for locations where traditional studio equipment cannot fit.

Green screens are also capable of producing higher-end professional results when used with sophisticated software such as chroma keying. This software uses an algorithm to identify the edges of objects within a frame and create an artificial background with fine details to match the footage being captured in real time. The same process also allows for special effects like lightning, rain or snow to be added digitally without the need for any physical elements on set.

By combining quality footage with advanced technology, it’s possible to create compelling visuals in almost any situation using a portable location and studio green screen. With its impressive array of features and its lightweight construction, it’s easy to see why this innovative piece of equipment is becoming essential in modern video production.

Benefits of Using a Portable Location and Studio Green Screen

Portable green screen systems and portable studio green screen are a great way to add production value to your videos, but there are also important benefits to consider as well. The biggest benefit is the saved time and cost. With a portable location and studio set up, you can use the same location or studio over and over again, saving time, money and energy while maintaining quality production.

Portability also means greater flexibility in production workflow. With a green screen setup, you can shoot without having to worry about video background restrictions or unanticipated challenges due to lighting conditions or contrast issues. Green screens offer consistent quality no matter what type of backdrop you choose. This makes it ideal for shooting events, conferences and all types of videos with live action footage that require different backgrounds or environments.

Green screen lighting set-ups create the optimal environment for chroma key compositing by capturing accurate color data specifically in areas with reflective surfaces such as glasses or jewelry. It also ensures that any areas with static light sources such as halogen lamps do not affect the fill light from other objects within your frame which could cause either underexposure or unexpected highlights/flashes when using traditional camera settings for filming in live surroundings like an event hall etc.

Overall using a mobile location or studio green screen mode before heading out for any video shoot enables filmmakers to achieve higher quality production despite unpredictable lighting conditions and changing environments onsite – ultimately offering greater convenience at pocket-friendly rates!


Cost-effectiveness is a major benefit of using a portable location and studio green screen for video productions. Utilizing a green screen eliminates the need for costly location scouting and renting expensive venues. By investing in quality, reliable equipment, you will be able to save both time and money in the long run.

Additionally, since your set up will be on-site, there will be no cost associated with transporting equipment from one location to another. The flexibility of having mobile equipment allows content creators to shoot at various times throughout the day without worrying about costly delays or high costs due to limited availability of desirable locations.


Using a portable location and studio green screen for video productions has the potential to save time and money. Green screens make it possible to shoot a number of different scenes or locations all in one space, whether inside or out. This eliminates the need to move from place to place and can result in considerable efficiency when it comes to shooting and post production work.

A portable location green screen allows filmmakers to create scenes with minimal setup and use virtual backgrounds that can be tailored for each particular project. This not only results in less time spent on setup, but also gives the flexibility to create various projects with very little effort. Additionally, having one space reduces the time spent configuring a scene since each element—including environment, light sources, angles, etc.—is controlled in one single space. With no additional footage needed for the backdrops, there’s more room for creative endeavors such as experimenting with camera angles and perspectives while keeping post-production costs low.

Easy Set-Up

One of the greatest benefits of using a portable location and studio green screen for video productions is the ease with which it can be used: irrespective of time or place. With this type of production, you do not have to worry about the amount of time or money that would be required to build or break down a traditional set. Additionally, portable location and studio green screens are available in a variety of color choices and sizes, so they can easily fit into any scene.

Since they are designed specifically for film and video projects, they can be erected in minutes with the right stand(s)Or hung from a scaffold quickly. There is no need to consult an interior designer unless you would like additional assistance in choosing the right background that best suits your needs.

Furthermore, since it is easy to transport them from one scene to another anytime during production, you don’t need to worry about having sets built every time you want to utilize them in different shots or at different locations throughout your project(s).


A portable location and studio-style green screen offers greater versatility for video productions compared to a fixed green screen setup. Because the setup is portable, it allows for production in a variety of different environments, including both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, with the ability to set up and break down quickly, producers can move rapidly from one location to the next without having to transport heavy equipment.

In addition to being versatile in terms of location and setup, portable green screens offer more options for lighting your scene as well. While traditional fixed studio-style green screens require specialized lighting setups including backlights and color-matching lights, mobile studio-style green screens are able to be set up with much less complicated lighting arrangements. This can lead to cost savings on lighting equipment as well as time savings during production.

Finally, with a portable location and studio-style green screen you will have more control over the size of the backdrop you need based on the size of your shot. In most cases these backdrops are customizable which allows producers greater freedom when creating their shots.


In conclusion, using a green screen in a production environment offers many advantages. Portable systems can provide immense flexibility in terms of setting and shooting for video professionals, allowing for quick and effective changes on the fly. Another major advantage lies in being able to choose the exact size and resolution of the studio background – ideal for corporate videos or any other production requiring specific backdrops and scenes.

Finally, due to their portability and heavy-duty construction, they allow video producers to shoot remotely or onsite with ease. Ultimately, these features make green screens an invaluable asset to anyone looking to produce videos in any situation.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer and Director, 314-892-1233 robh@hallerconcepts.com

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